Voltbar 10K Puffs Video Shooting

When Dance Meets Vaping

Step into the world of Voltbar's 10,000 Puffs Event, where innovation and movement converged.

Our backdrop was a Muay Thai center, transformed into a pulsating stage for an exhilarating commercial shoot.

Dancers took center stage, unleashing the power of breaking and locking, mirroring Voltbar's essence – bold, vibrant, and dynamic. Against this gritty backdrop, their performances embodied the heart of "taste our power."

In those electrifying moments, we captured our vision. Every move was a testament to the boundless energy within each Voltbar 10,000 puffs disposable pod.

Beyond showcasing the product, this event epitomized a lifestyle fueled by energy and creativity. It was a blend of dance and vaping, a fusion that transcends convention and resonates with life. Relive the magic through the commercial video. Immerse yourself in the dance and vaping synergy that defines Voltbar.


4 & 5 November 2022


Bukit Bintang


Voltbar Team

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