what is disposable pod 2


Disposable vapes are the perfect choice for the on-the-go individual due to the design that allows them to be used at any time. These are usually small, non-rechargeable devices that are pre-filled with E-Liquid. But on Y2022, we manage to release the first RECHARGEABLE Disposable Pod - Voltbar. Each device is a single-use product, meaning when the E-Liquid has run out the device is then discarded and cannot be reused. Some refer to it as a “Stick” due to its shape, others might call it a disposable kit, pod, or device. Whichever names you are familiar with, the usual difference between disposable and normal devices is that they are usually not rechargeable and refillable. It means that you don’t need to replace the coils, cartridges, and flavor. Once you're done with the disposable either the battery or the e-liquid runs out in no particular order, it is then discarded.
Most users are more open, accepting the use of disposable since it mimics the usage of smoking traditional cigarettes experience in terms of shape, the way you inhale and exhale its vapor and potentially might help the user to quit smoking all the way. It's very user-friendly and does not require you to press any button or make any power adjustment. A quick fix for smokers as an alternative solution without worrying much about maintenance.


A disposable vape often works by simply inhaling the e-liquid as you would a lit cigarette. There’s no need to press a button, and you don’t need to charge the disposable vape or fill it up at any point. The installed ecig battery powers a coil which vaporises the installed e-liquid. All you do is draw on your disposable vape when you’re ready, and it should last around 800-10,000 puffs, depending on your vape style.

How Long Do Disposable Vape Last ?

The average disposable vape generally lasts anywhere from 800 to 10,000 puffs. It is often noted that 400 puffs from a vape are the equivalent of 20 cigarettes. The most common battery size of disposable vapes is 280mAh, but they can range up to 850mAh. However, it is not just the battery capacity that determines how long a disposable vape will last, but also the amount of vape juice it contains. The typical amount of vape juice in disposable vapes is around 2 to 15ml. As we are now entering a new era of Innovation, the disposable pod has largely improved by upgrading the battery capacity, rechargeable so that you will not waste any liquid juice and e-juice quantity. One of the most popular disposable pods on the market the Voltbar fits into both these categories.

How Long Should Charge Disposable Vape?

We have already learned about the charging interface of disposable electronic cigarettes, battery capacity, and when to recharge a disposable vape. But there is still a question that how long does it take to recharge a disposable electronic cigarette? It depends on your disposable e-cigarette battery capacity and charging port. Because we also mentioned earlier that the charging speed of the Type-C interface is faster than that of the Micro interface. If your disposable electronic cigarette battery capacity is 650mah, then it only takes less than 40 minutes to recharge with the Type-C charger, while the Micro interface may take 1 hours or more. Some vape pens only require thirty minutes of charging to reach full power capacity. Others can take up to four hours to reach their charge capacity. An easy rule of thumb to go by is the larger the battery, the longer the charge time.

Why Disposable Vape Taste Better?

For many vape users, disposable vapes are a great way to enjoy the vape experience without the hassle of having to assemble anything, refill or recharge the device. But why do disposable vapes tast better? The reason for this is that they're a higher concentration of flavor profiles that you wouldn't necessarily get with reusable vapes. The second reason is that disposable vapes come with nicotine salts. These make the vapes more flavorful than regular vapes do. In this guide, you'll learn more about the flavors available with disposable vape devices and which flavors are the best when trying these disposables. A disposable vape is a great way of getting to know a new brand, trying a new flavor and having the ease of just vaping without having to do anything other than unpackaging it and taking a pull. There are some great flavors when it comes to disposable vapes. The flavors you choose will depend on what taste preferences you have. For example, some like savoury flavors whilst others will want something sweet and fruity. From candy flavors to dessert and cocktails, there's not that many flavors that haven't been covered with vape devices. When choosing our top best flavors for disposable vapes, we've thought about different flavors and the intensity of these flavors when used as a disposable vape. All of the below suggestions are well worth trying if you've never branched out further than just a few of your standard flavor choices. With the disposable vaping market growing, you'll likely see plenty more flavor combinations being created. It's worth trying more disposable vape pods when new flavors become available.